Our mission is to leave people and the planet healthier than we found them. So we traveled to an amazing place—the rainforests and family farms of Costa Rica—to source the highest quality, sustainably-harvested botanical ingredients for superior face care. After more than fifteen months of research and refining, we’re proud to present to you Thrive Natural Care.

Welcome to a better way to groom.



Native medicinal plants restore the skin and the land they grow in. Fierillo and juanilama plants have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. For centuries, they've been used by native peoples to treat skin ailments. Now they're available to you.


Enjoy healthy skin, a close shave, a fresh scent, and a real sense of adventure. The products actually work—and without the synthetic ingredients or fragrances that dominate the men's grooming market. You get the highest quality natural ingredients, only available in Thrive.


Our "restorative gardens" in Costa Rica help to revitalize degraded soil in a special place. The country is dedicated to education and conservation, fully demilitarized, and committed to carbon neutrality on a national scale. We're proud to support the new sustainable economy there.

Meet Thrive Team in Costa Rica